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Goa Tour Package Deluxe Package

Duration : 3 Nights

Goa is like a dream destination for all the fun and activities that we want to do in our life. The name of the Goa is always on our tongue and ready to slip out whenever we decide where to go for this vacation and for Masti and all the fun. Hotel De Alcazar is one of the finest choice to stay in..the deluxe property avails you best services.

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Kerala Tour Package Deluxe Package

Duration : 5 Nights

We use the word like beautiful, amazing or exciting to describe any place or things but there are some places also which we cannot describe in words. They have their own aura and zeal which makes everyone delighted and cheerful. Kerala is also one of the destinations which make everyone exciting. Kerala is one of the most preferred holiday destinations among the tourists and I guess it should be. Kerala has numerous tourist attractions. Munnar, Kochi, and Alleppey are some of the tourist magnets in Kerala. Kerala tour means a combination of beach and hill at one place. Kerala is also known as God's own land and after visiting this place you surely know why it is. Let's explore some of its city which adds the extra glitter in already shimmery Kerala.

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